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F1 – Smartphones Apps

The first prompt for Febooary 1st is…

Do smartphone apps help you? Are they useful for you? Do they cause you to waste more time? Which apps are your favorite, that you can’t live without? Was there an app that really disappointed you? What’s your opinion of the smartphone app for the future verses just using a pencil & paper to write your shopping down?

THANK YOU to alloneword (Big Rik) and freakyfwoof (Andre Louis) for the intros/outros.

You can also access this file via dropbox

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ChirpAloud [Review]

One of the followers of Febooary on Twitter is Chirp Aloud, a free web app. The web app is a very simple voice recording site. There are no bells or whistles with this free site.

There are simple instructions of

  1. Start
  2. Record
  3. Submit

However, I found it difficult to use. Probably because my stuff was not working properly.

I had issues with the statement of “Wait for the File Preview to generate before Submitting your Chirp!” Not once did I see any form of uploading or hourglass or indication of the processing of a file. The only place to type anything is the tag line. A person can type up to 10 tags per audio.

What I did notice about this free web app was…

  • No uploading files
  • No specific record time stated
  • No member profile page. However there is an option to register with the site
  • No smart phone apps available
  • No playback button, so that you can listen to the audio prior to submission

There is no main page to find other members. No way of listening to other audio. It’s just a record page. There is no about page, no help page.

The idea is cool. ChirpAloud is just floating out there in cyberspace. If anyone does successfully complete an audio please let me know. I would like your opinion on it. Another things I noticed that on their Twitter feed there is no mention of anyone using their free web app. I searched for hashtags, but found nothing to connect to this site. Looks like this might be a dead-end site. Chirp Aloud is a product of

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