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Vote on Next Year’s Topics

We are coming to the close of the Febooary Festival. Let’s take a moment to vote on the topics for next year’s event. This way you have had your say in what will be used as topics for next year. Or perhaps you have a topic you could suggest? Please add it in a comment or email

CLICK below to get the full list of topics to vote on.

What Topics would you like to discuss for Febooary 2016?.

Next year’s hashtag is febooary16 (just one hashatag)

Thank you again for making this challenge a success!

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F28 – Last Day


The LAST day….posted early. There are no rules on posting early or posting late or not posting at all. It’s here. I wanna express a sincere thank you again to everyone who participated in this years event. For those who supported me, when I wasn’t sure of myself. You menfolk know who you are 😉

Big thank you again to Andre Louis AKA Freakyfwoof for allowing us to use his music. To BigRic AKA AllOneWord for the vocals. Now onto the last of the follow-up questions…

Do you plan to participate in next year’s Febooary? (Something you look forward to doing again…We’re not gonna come looking for you if we don’t hear from you on the first of Febooary)

What have you learned about yourself during this challenge?

In ONE year from now, how do you think your life will be different?

Share your Febooary experience using only THREE words.

Leave a SIX word sentence as part of the Febooary time capsule for next year.

Tell us about your next big life challenge.

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F27 – Your Febooary Experience

ONLY ONE MORE DAY….You steps away from the finish line….

AUDIO LINK for Febooary Daily Prompt 27

Share your positive and/or negative experiences.

How many new voices have you listened to during Febooary

Have they become regular voices in your head?

Do you plan on continuing to listen to them now that this challenge is over?

Did you collect any audio clips from this month that your plan to listen to again?

How many new followers did you gain during the month of Febooary?

How many new voice are you following because of Febooary?

Whose voice did you look for this Febooary and didn’t find?

What did you give up to participate in this challenge?

How difficult was it for you to complete this challenge?

Share your suggestions/recommendations for next years Febooary. (You can also do so in private …

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F26 – Fairy Tales

Catch up on all the Febooaries Topics in this DropBox Folder.

Gather around make yourselves comfortable. Fairy Tale Day is about exploding myths, urban legends, stories so dip in to the dark corners of your subconscious and tell us a fairy tale.

Make up a story, be creative. Share it with us.


If you’re not feeling creative, you answer the following questions.

What is your favorite love story?

What is your favorite bedtime story?

Who is your favorite author of children’s stories?

Do your children have a favorite fairy tale? What it is?

What’s your favorite campfire story? The stories that were told to scare you at camp.

Name a story you heard as a child that made you sad or cry.

What story didn’t you understand as a child but you do as an adult?

What is your favorite urban legend?

Favorite fairy tale?


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F25 – Favorites, Signature, Preferences

Catch up on all the Febooaries Topics in this DropBox Folder.

What is your FAVORITE…

  • article of clothing,
  • perfume/cologne,
  • month of the year,
  • way to renew your energy,
  • color,
  • take-out food,
  • game (online, app, board, video, arcade)
  • TV show (past or present)
  • genre of music,
  • family tradition,
  • holiday,
  • sport to watch,
  • concession stand food,
  • amusement park ride,
  • social media platform,
  • saying/quote,
  • topic of conversation.

What’s your signature….

  • Greetings
  • Sign-off

Do you PREFER…

  • to watch or participate,
  • to lead or follow,
  • to type or use long hand,
  • to use pen or pencil,
  • mall shopping or online shopping,
  • bath or shower,
  • to talk to people … face-to-face, telephone, text, email.
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F23 – Bad Behavior

Catch up on all the Febooaries Topics in this DropBox Folder.

Febooary Daily Prompt Day 23 is LIVE

What are behaviors from others that should not be tolerated?

What confuses you the most about society these days?

What is it about society today that worries you the most?

What is the worst behavior you have ever witnessed?

What is the single worst quality a person can have?

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