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Do Not Use the HashTag if…

Do not to use the #febooary tag if you are NOT responding to the Febooary daily prompt. Use the #audio_blo hashtag instead.

The prompts are meant to challenge the participant to think about the given prompt first. Secondly, to record a daily response to that prompt. This is a challenge for 21 days of the month of February. The prompts are meant to stimulate conversation, to engage participants to discussing their opinions, their life experiences and any thing else that the prompt might trigger them to share. The challenge may also encourage & support the participant to overcome the fear of hearing their own voice, overcoming  the fear of actually recording audio. Read What is Febooary?

Please do not make the prompts anymore complicated than necessary. Have fun with it.

Your listeners can learn more about you. Perhaps this challenge may even provide new friendships, new followers, nee experiences using audio, using apps etc.

When I first participated in this challenge, I wasn’t very involved the AB community. However I finished the challenge with several new friends that I still have to this day!

If you want to record daily audio without using the given prompt please consider using the #audio_blo tag instead. That hashtag is for non daily prompts in addition to the non-mandatory prompts that are provided. Check out Audio_blo

Good Luck in the completion of the Febooary Audio Challenge.

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FebD1: Life Without

Welcome to Febooary 2016.

My name is SassyCat or Cat for short. I’m excited to be hosting this annual audio event known as Febooary.

I’m more excited that you decided to participate in this challenge.

Remember that you do not have to use a specific audio platform, you just have to share it on your social media accounts, along with using the hashtag #febooary.

Most important to share on twitter with the hashtag so that I can catch it and share it on febooary’s twitter feed.

Don’t forget to go and LIKE Febooary on Facebook.

FebD1:   What does your life look like without internet and/or social media?










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Getting Ready for Febooary 2016

What Topics would you like to discuss for Febooary 2016?

(Adult) If you could be the mattress of one famous person whose would you want to be? EXAMPLE B: (Non-Adult) If you were to be granted ONE wish what would it be?

What are the most and least rewarding parts of your job?
(Basic) If you were sick & feeling miserable would you rather be by yourself or have your partner with you? Why? EXAMPLE B: (XXX) – Are there any erotic pleasures you once looked at as “weird” or disgusting? Would you like to try new things with your partner more or less than you do now?

Use the hashtag #febooary

Follow on Twitter

Like on Facebook

Contact Febooary

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