Prompts for Day 1 and Day 2 of Febooary 2018

As in previous years Febooary is Monday through Friday. Saturday & Sunday are days to catch up and listen to others. Remember to share your Febooary’s on Twitter using the hashtag #febooary.

Thursday Day 1:       What wild things would you like to try?

Friday Day 2:          What big plans do you have for this weekend?

There are the first two topics for the Febooary audio challenge.

Hashtag #febooary #febooary18

Is Febooary Dead?

Well, since Audioboom decided to make the changes to their platform, a lot of members decided to leave. Febooary was created to unite the members of audioboo as an audio community in a month long challenge.

This was a topic themed challenge. Each day there was a prompt that was provided and the members were to record and publish their answers on their recording profiles.

During the past few years, the participation has been dwindling down. There has been a few inquiries this year as to whether or not Febooary would be taking place. It was tweeted back in January if any one was interested in taking part in this challenge. There was only one response with a yes. There were more answers of no, that they will not be participating in the challenge this year.

Started thinking about maybe, just maybe there might be a few people who are still interested in having some form of audio challenge during this month, even though there isn’t a main audio platform that everyone is on.

Since the small community of audioboom has scattered to different recording platforms such as anchor, bumpers, zcast and so many other recording podcast platforms.

Perhaps I should create a list of prompts or questions to be answered for those that would still like to participate this year.