What’s Febooary?

Febooary is a topic themed month-long audio challenge during the month of February.

Each day during the month of February there is a different topic for you to record & share your thoughts, opinions or personal experiences. It’s just like NaBloPoMo. Instead of writing something down on your blog you will be recording your words using an audio platform of your choice.

Check out the “LINKS” page for a few options to use. Feel free to share your daily audio on your blog or website.

Febooary was created by SawyerGB, a member of audioboo community. He created this event to bring other members together on the audio social website that was once called audioboo.fm, it is currently Audioboom.com.

Each day for the entire month of February there was a different topic for the members to discuss, share their personal experience or debate. Over the years Febooary has changed administers from SawyerGB to Audioboom.com (Audioboo.fm) to Ernmander to its current admin; SassyCat.

Hopefully Febooary can develop a strong foundation and continue to gain participants in all areas of audio productions. Whether it’s mini-podcasts using such apps as Yappie, Meltapp.com to professional podcasts. Febooary is not limited to any specific audio app, social network or platform. Any one and every one who enjoys recording their voice, posting their voice on their blogs or creating professional podcasts is encouraged to take part in the month-long audio challenge.

The Rules are as follows…

  • RECORD your thoughts, answers or personal experiences on the audio app/website of your choice.
  • SHARE it via Twitter, Facebook, you blog/website, Google+. TAG it using the following hashtag febooary 
  • Whenever possible LINK back up to this blog.
  • LISTEN and/or Comment to other Febooary posts.

The challenge is to complete the month of Febooary by making an audio recording daily, using the daily prompts. There will be a different topic/question for the 28 days. There are no right or wrong answers, just sharing your experiences or thoughts.

UPDATE: For Febooary 2017, the daily prompts will be Monday – Friday. Saturday & Sunday will be days to catch up for missed days. Also for listening to others, leaving comments or starting sub-threads.

 This year’s hashtag is #febooary17

 “FeBOOary” – Image courtesy of [Mr Lightman] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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