Prompt for Day 20 of Febooary 2018

[February 28, 2018]

Wednesday (Day 20)      You have great news to share. Who do you tell first?

Prompt for Day 19 of Febooary 2018

[February 27, 2018]

Tuesday (Day 19)       Your neighbors are having a party. You only know ONE person who will be attending. Will you go to the party? If not, why?

Prompt for Day 18 of Febooary 2018

[February 26, 2018]

Monday (Day 18)       Are you a spiritual person?

Prompts for Day 17 of Febooary 2018

[February 23, 2018]

Friday (Day 17)       Do you save your money or spend your money?

Prompt for Day 16 of Febooary 2018

[February 22, 2018]

Thursday (Day 16)        Which do you prefer to listen to? Music, podcasts, talk radio?

Prompts for Day 15 of Febooary 2018

[February 14, 2018]

Wednesday (Day 15)      What are some of your big plans or events for 2018?

Prompt for Day 14 of Febooary 2018

[February 13, 2018]

Tuesday (Day 14)      What annoys you?

Prompt for Day 13 of Febooary 2018

Monday (Day 13)       Have you stopped using any social media accounts recently?

And if so, why?

Prompt for Day 12 of Febooary 2018

Friday (Day 12)        If you could only eat ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would that one item be?

Prompts for Day 10 & Day 11 of Febooary 2018

Thanks again to Stefano AKA Slandi for these wonderful prompts.

Wednesday (Day 10)        What is your favorite movie genre and why?

Thursday (Day 11)            What is your favorite type of music?