Only 10 Days Left

There are ONLY 10 days left before the kick-off of Febooary starts. Thanks to those who took a few minutes to vote on topics. So far the results are as follows…

  1. Personal
  2. Hardcore Thought Provoking
  3. Work
  4. Let’s Pretend
  5. Preferences

FeBOOary Topics Update

listen to ‘FeBOOary Update’ on audioBoom

Updated Topics are (Low Scores)

  1. Spirituality
  2. Politics
  3. Love/Sex/XXX
  4. Sports
  5. Preferences
  6. Let’s Pretend

Leading Topics (High Scores)

  1. Hardcore Thought Provoking
  2. Personal
  3. Work

Test – Post by Voice

Testing another option and that is to post by voice. I think that I might just use this to load all the daily prompts for the event. So that it is NOT just on Audioboom, but others on different audio platforms can listen & participate.

I Prefer Tumblr

After playing around with blogging platforms, I’m finding that I prefer tumblr over wordpress when it comes to the possibility of “community” blogging. There is a feature that allows members to “submit” to your blog, which I have allowed for the FeBOOary tumblr blog.

Share YOUR FeBOOary entries HERE

I’ll have to test this option out. I only set it up so that’s possible to do.

I noticed there is also an option to “post by phone.” I think this would be great for me to use for each daily prompt, then I wouldn’t have to choose an audio platform to use. I think that is really exciting, plus there is also an uploading option for posting via my computer.

Then there is another option of “post by mail.” I’m not too sure how this all works. I would like to be able to offer the email address to participants as another way to post here, so that others can listen, follow and share. That would be awesome if that all works out.

 There is also a disqus account setup. So if you are on disqus FOLLOW FeBooary!

Contact information is ….


Top 4 Topics (so far)

I am thankful to those who have taken a few minutes to vote on their preferences for the FeBOOary topics. I was rather shocked to see the top 4 topics when I recently peeked at the survey via polldaddy.

The top 4 topics so far are …..

Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] at
Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] at
  • Spirituality
  • Let’s Pretend
  • Love/Sex/XXX
  • Hardcore Deep Thought Provoking

Remember there are no right or wrong answers when recording your audio, it’s based on your personal experiences & opinions. Getting to know the other members of your community, along with each other, maybe even yourself a little better. Don’t forget to vote on what topics YOU would like to discuss during FeBOOary.

To FeBOOary or FeBOOMary

I guess I’m a bit behind with the name change of FeBOOary to FeBOOMary. Since has changed their URL along with domain name to

Is the audio meme gonna change it’s name as well?

No. It will remain as FeBOOary.

I know that most people do not like change, however most tend to be able to roll with the changes. Most have seemed to accept the new name of However, I think that with this change comes an opportunity to open up FeBOOary to other audio sites to participate in this month-long audio challenge that takes place during the month of February.

FeBOOary will remain with the same name, because it began with that name. I feel that it is only fitting to remain that way. It’s also not all about the name of the challenge, it’s about getting those people who enjoy posting by voice to come together under one event and discuss the daily prompt that is offered on that day.

READ MORE: Cast Your Vote. 

I would love to see several different voice apps/websites getting their members involved in FeBOOary. Sometimes we just need a little push, prompt to get us talking. I’m not sure if I will be creating a separate account for FeBOOary. I do like the audioboom feature that when an audio is created it can be automatically posted to a blog as a post. This audio meme challenges the participants to record a personal response to the daily topic. It also provides a way for the listeners to get to know the other members of their community.

I would also like to be able to get as many participants listed here as I can. So that anyone can come to the page link, view all those who are participating in the event. Perhaps find someone new to listen to, new podcasts, make new friends or experience a different app.

Cast Your Vote

The annual event soon approaches. In the past, there has been much confusion on suggestions for daily topics. For 2015 let’s try to get a head start on this event. In order to do this, there is a need to know what topics should be discussed and used for daily prompts.

Here’s your chance to give your ideas about the event. It’s not just one person, but several voices that make an event popular, most of all fun.  The following will give you an idea of , perhaps that would assist you in casting your vote. Use the “other” option to add another idea for a possible topic for Febooary.

Work – What are the most and least rewarding parts of your job?

Spirituality – (Basic) Do you believe in miracles?

(Challenging) What has been your biggest obstacle to spiritual growth?

Politics – Who is your favorite world leader and why?

Love/Sex/XXX – (Basic) IF you were sick & feeling miserable would you rather be by yourself or have your partner with you? Why?

(XXX) – Are there any erotic pleasures you once looked at as “weird” or disgusting? Would you like to try new things with your partner more or less than you do now?

Personal – Can you describe your first memory?

Hardcore Deep Thought Provoking – What does success mean to you?

Preferences – What’s your favorite ice cream BRAND and FLAVOR?

Let’s Pretend – (Adult) If you could be the mattress of one famous person whose would you want to be?

(Non-Adult) If you were to be granted ONE wish what would it be?